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Your business is so much more than an address.

Is your listing
getting noticed?

People shop with their eyes.
You decide what they see.

What makes you unique?

Today's consumers go the extra mile for the perfect experience.

Do you know your customers?

Analytics reveal hidden insights of customer searches.

Are you leaving anyone out?

Include the fastest growing demographics.

Make the best
first impression.

An easy way to promote your business with photos, features and information. Mapigator has the tools to create a beautiful listing in minutes.

  • Complete access to make changes when it’s convenient for you.
  • Select the photos that show your best side.
  • Attract customers that care about the nonprofits you support.
  • Superior feedback with reliable reviews.

what matters.

In today's "Experience Economy", consumers are increasingly particular. Bring in more customers when you promote the features you already have.

  • Identify which features bring a return on investment.
  • Promote the accommodations and amenities you have.
  • Access to databases that predict customer compatibility.

Do more than reach
your customers. Know Them.

Tailored market research. Mapigator provides detailed data about the amenities and accommodations customers are looking for. Better data means better business decisions.

  • Analytics evaluating  200+ researched based features.
  • Real-time data  available on your dashboard.
  • Make informed decisions to create a better guest experience.

Tap into
emerging markets.

Expand your customer base. When you team up with Mapigator you have Access to Insights on the search habits of specific demographics.

  • A new way to reach targeted communities and hidden markets.
  • Provide the features that benefit your local community.
  • Show consumers that you believe in social responsibility and want to include them.